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Filterwears pre-filters are made to keep the performance aftermarket or stock air filter free from debris, sand, dirt and water reducing loading up of the filter, extend the cleaning cycles, maintain airflow and horsepower integrity resulting in better overall performance over time, all that at a lower upfront cost to the user. Filterwears manufactures a variety of sizes and colors to supply all markets. The fabric is 100% polyester with equal mesh openings able to filter debris and particles down to .005”.  Hydrophobic finish (water repellent) is standard on all our pre-filters. Filterwears pre-filters are designed to be easier to install and remove because they have straps at the collar. Filterwears offers products under its own brand in a clear plastic packaging with complete care and installation guidelines. Filterwears also offers private label program (contact for details). All MADE IN THE USA.

Don't lose power when you need it most. Get a filter cover and leave everyone else gasping for air.


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