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Direct from manufacturer. Made in the USA.

Filter material: 100% monofilament polyester with water repellent finish standard on all pre-filters.

Black, closed top, round taper pre-filter.
Measurements: 5.25"top, 6"base, 7.25"height

Compare to AEM 1-4007

Fits AEM Filters: 21-2027BF, 21-2027DK, 21-2047BF, 21-2047DK, 21-2047D-HK, 21-2147DK, 21-2057BF, 21-2113BF, 21-2113D-HK, 21-2113DK, 21-2257BF, 21-2267DK, 21-2277BF, 21-2277DK