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Direct from manufacturer. Made in the USA.

Filter material: 100% monofilament polyester with water repellent finish standard on all pre-filters.
Black, closed top, round taper pre-filter.
Measurements: 5.25"T, 6.0"B, 5.0"H

Compare to AEM 1-4000

Fits AEM Filters: 21-203D-HK, 21-203DK, 21-203D, 21-202DK, 21-202DOSK, 21-203BF, 21-203BF-H, 21-203BF-OS, 21-202DK, 21-203DK, 21-204DK, 21-203DOSK, 21-2110DK, 21-205DK, 21-206DK, 21-201DK, 21-201DK, 21-2027D-HK, 21-200BF, 21-201D-HK, 21-200DK, 21-201BF, 21-202BF, 21-202BF-H, 21-202BF-OS, 21-202D-HK

Fits AEM Intake Kits: 21-8500DC, 21-426R, 21-451B, 21-451C, 21-451P, 21-451R, 21-452C, 21-452P, 21-452R, 21-472P, 21-474B, 21-474C, 21-474P, 21-474R, 21-496C, 21-426P, 21-425R, 21-8500DP, 21-406B, 21-406C, 21-406P, 21-406R, 21-412C, 21-412P, 21-412R, 21-419C, 21-419P, 21-419R, 21-425B, 21-425C, 21-425P, 21-499C, 21-499P, 21-509P, 21-520B, 21-520C, 21-520P, 21-520R, 21-521B, 21-521C, 21-521P, 21-521R, 21-532B, 21-532C, 21-532P, 21-532R, 21-544B, 21-506R, 21-506C, 21-5001C, 21-5002C, 21-5003C, 21-5004C, 21-5005C, 21-5006C, 21-5007C, 21-5008C, 21-5009C, 21-5010C, 21-504C, 21-504P, 21-504R, 21-506B, 21-544C, 22-417P, 22-451P, 22-451R, 22-469B, 22-469P, 22-469R, 22-470B, 22-470P, 22-470R, 22-474B, 22-474P, 22-474R, 22-480B, 22-480P, 22-480R, 22-451B, 22-446R, 22-417R, 22-432B, 22-432P, 22-432R, 22-433B, 22-433P, 22-433R, 22-441B, 22-441P, 22-441R, 22-445B, 22-445P, 22-445R, 22-446P, 22-482B, 22-482P, 41-1403C, 41-1403P, 22-446B, 21-695C, 21-695P, 21-717C, 21-717P, 21-718C, 21-718P, 41-1001C, 41-1001P, 41-1002C, 41-1002P, 21-713C, 22-51

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