FILTERWEARS Pre-Filter K262 For K&N Air Filter RC-5046



Direct from manufacturer. Made in the USA.

Filter material: 100% monofilament polyester with water repellent finish standard on all pre-filters.
Open top, round taper pre-filter.
Measurements: 4.5"TD, 7.5"BD, 9"H

Compare to K&N RC-5046DK
Fits K&N filter: RC-5046
Fits K&N intake kits: 57-2541, 57-2545, 57-2548, 57-2549, 57-2550, 57-2558, 57-2567, 57-2570, 63-2572, 63-9030, 77-2514KP, 77-2556KP, 77-2570KTK, 77-3021KP, 77-3023KP, 77-3031KP, 77-6012KP